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Extended Length Flexible Circuits and Cables

Career Technologies has the unique ability to manufacture extended length flexible circuits without the need for splicing. This allows for unique interconnect solutions for medical, military, and aerospace applications. Extended length substrates include polyimide, polyester, PEN, and Cirlex®. Foils include copper, Copper/Nickel, Nichrome, Stainless, Monel, and Inconel. Our extended length circuits can be fabricated with or without adhesive.
  • Resolutions from 4,000 to 16,000 DPI
  • Large Scale: 48” width max, Length 20+ feet
  • Feature size to 12.5 micron
  • Film Masks: 7 mil Mylar, Silver Halide emulsion
Substrates include:
  • Plastics; Epoxy/Glass, Pyralux, Kapton, Polyimide, Ceramic, Teflon, Noryl, PEN, and Cirlex
  • Thickness Range; .001” to .375” thick
  • Metal Cladding; Copper, Monel, Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel; 1 micron to 5 mil thick
  • Bond; Adhesiveless, NiChrome sputter tie coat, or conventional adhesive bonded

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