EMS Electronic Assembly

Rigid-Flex Electronics Assembly Support

Career Technologies utilizes three production lines to support assembly of Flex/Rigid-Flex and board solutions.
Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Multiple SMT lines
  • Real Time X-ray
  • Automated Solder Paste Printer
  • In-Line Cleaning
  • Wave Solder (Leaded & Lead Free)
  • Inline Circuit Testing
  • 3D AOI Automated Optical Inspection
  • Laser Selective Soldering Machine With Preheat Oven
  • Plastic Injection Molding
Assembly Capabilities
  • Final product assembly
  • Sub-assemblies within the final product
  • Product packaging
  • Package labeling
  • Programming, uploading firmware, installing software.
  • Product configuration and testing
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Fulfillment of the order
  • After-sales repair and support

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